Nu Thai

I do have number of my go-to Thai restaurants in Adelaide as I love Thai food. However over the past few years few of the ones that I’ve been going to must be under new managements as they have completely disappointed me on multiple occasions. So we’ve been on a lookout for a good Thai places to go to for a while, then we came across Nu Thai.

I believe they were originally on Gouger for a while but I never got to try them back then. We went on a Friday evening and the place was packed with many large groups.


Between two of us we had ordered:


nu thai adelaide nomadic envy adelaideblogger
Green papaya salad
nu thai adelaide nomadic envy blogger
Thai dumplings
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My fiddle leaf fig tree

In early 2014, I fell in love with a tree that I randomly came across on an interior blog . It had beautiful shades of greens on it’s luscious, sculptural large leaves. I knew I had to have one. It looked like the one in the picture below.     At the time, I struggled […]

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  Living in the city has it’s perks and I think one of them is having good cafes, restaurants and bars within a walking distance. Ballaboosta is located just off Hutt Street, and it looks like it is already becoming a local’s favourite. When we got there on a late Sunday morning, it was pretty […]

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Banquet at the Osteria Oggi

Osteria Oggi is a relatively new Italian restaurant located on Pirie Street, popular for their delicious pastas and a beautiful decor. They are even listed as one of the world’s new restaurants to try on This time, as we were going in a bigger group of 5, we decided to finally try their banquet menu. Despite […]

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Ginza Miyako

I was really hoping that Ginza Miyako would be amazing. Located on the first floor of Stamford Hotel on North Terrace, it is a beautifully designed space on point with modern Japanese decorations.   We were craving for fresh sushi/ sashimi so we decided to try their chef’s special nigiri and an entree size tempura dish. The tempura consisted of […]

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Eros Kafe

Lately I’ve been really enjoying Greek food. I think it must be a combination of greens, seafood and their incredibly delicious cheeses that makes me get cravings for Greek food from time to time. My go-to place for Greek food in Adelaide would be The Greek on Halifax, but we decided to try Eros Kafe as […]

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