Where to go for Korean food in Adelaide


Korean cuisine is on the rise and Adelaide is certainly following the trend. Kimchi is considered as one of the ‘superfood’ with its probiotic benefits. Bulgogi and Korean BBQ would keep any meat lovers happy, any day. Bibimbap is simply deliciousness in a bowl.


As a local who enjoys Korean food (way too much) this is my list of go-to restaurants for best Korean food in Adelaide.

Mandoo (3/26 Bank St, Adelaide SA 5000)

  • Specializes in authentic “Korean-style” dumpling.
  • Both fried and steamed dumplings are delicious.
  • Likes: Food is consistently great! The owner/chef is the one making these dumplings and you’ll see him in action at the back of the restaurant as you eat your delicious dumplings.
  • Dislikes: Place is not huge, sometimes you’ll have to wait in line for a while. Kimchi dumpling gets sold out in the evenings!
  • food 5/5
  • service 4/5
  • ambiance 3/5

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Mandoo Adelaide
Kimchi steamed mandoo and Pork fried Mandoo


updated April 2017 – The owners/chef must have changed. Tried twice and walked out pretty disappointed as the food had completely changed!

Sushi Gallery (7/475 Payneham Rd, Felixstow SA 5070)

  • Despite it’s name being “sushi gallery”, this is where I go when I crave for authentic Korean dishes that are soup/stew based. I have not found any other restaurants that makes them better than this place in Adelaide.
  • On a hot summer day – Mul-bi-naeng (cold spicy noodle) is delicious!
  • Likes: Their Korean dishes are very similar to what I ate in Korea. This is the restaurant to go if you are looking for Authentic Korean taste.
  • Dislikes: This place became quite popular over past few years. You need to book ahead.
  • food 4/5
  • service 4/5
  • ambiance 3/5


Updated April 2017 – Ga-bin is out of business.

Ga-Bin (144 Grote St, Adelaide SA 5000)

  • This is my go-to place for jja-jang-myeon (blackbean noodles), jjam-bong (spicy seafood noodles) or tang-soo-yuk (sweet and sour spicy pork)
  • As seen in the picture below, there is an option to go half-half
  • Likes: The restaurant is huge, i never had to wait in a line. Conveniently located in Adelaide Chinatown.
  • Dislikes: I wasn’t too impressed by their other dishes, I find myself coming back for more of the same dishes that I always have
  • food 3.5/5
  • service 4/5
  • ambiance 3/5


Ga-bin Adelaide korean restaurant
Half black bean noodle and Half spicy seafood soup @ Ga-bin


Chicken coop (Glynburn Plaza, 6/151-161 Glynburn Rd, Firle SA 5070)

  • If you haven’t had Korean-style fried chicken, you are missing out big time. Koreans are big on friend chicken  and they do them well.
  • This place is where I goto when I have Korean-style fried chicken cravings, and I normally order them for a takeaway.
  • Likes: You can order half-half (sweet and spicy and soy-sauce based). My recommendation would be soy-sauce based fried chicken. I’m not even a big fan of chicken but I love them.
  • Dislikes: This isn’t a restaurant where you can dine in.
  • food 4/5
  • service 4/5
  • ambiance 1/5


Korean-style fried chicken @ Chicken coop


Miyao sushi (43 Woodville Rd, Woodville South SA 5011)

  • They sell sushi. But they also sell other Korean dishes such as dduk-bbok-ee (spicy rice cake dish, as seen below), kimchi stew, korean pancakes, and bibimbap and they are delicious!!
  • Worth visiting if you are near by.
  • Likes: Their Korean dishes have the perfect amount of spiciness.
  • Dislikes: They pretty much work during the work hours. They don’t open during weekends/holidays.
  • food 4/5
  • service 5/5
  • ambiance 3/5


Miyao sushi nomadic envy
Spicy rice cake @ Miyao Sushi


Seoul Express (15/52-62 King William St, Adelaide SA 5000)

  • Likes: Conveniently located in a foodcourt in a corner of Rundle and King William Road. It is cheap, the dishes come out quickly (they live upto their name) so this place is great for a quick Korean food craving fix when you are on the go!
  • Dislikes: –
  • food 3.5/5
  • service 4/5
  • ambiance 1/5



Mapo (113 Gouger Street, Adelaide SA 5000)

  • If you are unfamiliar with Korean food, or unsure of trying some of authentic Korean cuisine, Mapo would be a great starting point
  • They do Korean “fusion” food or “Modern” Korean food. If you are looking for an authentic Korean food this is not the restaurant for you.
  • Likes: The restaurant provides great dining experience and is set up beautifully! I think this would be one of good date night venues in Adelaide for couples.
  • Dislikes: It is more expensive then other Korean restaurants.
  • food 3.5/5
  • service 4/5
  • ambiance 4.5/5



Michiru (shop 8 Regent Arcade, Rundle mall, Adelaide)

  • This is a little sushi train restaurant owned by Korean chef. Besides their sushi dishes (they are very delicious by the way), they do have few Korean dishes on their menu.
  • Likes: This is my current go-to place to satisfy my sushi cravings. Given the set up of ‘sushi train’ restaurant, it is an open kitchen therefore I know that they are very clean and well organized.
  • Dislikes: They don’t open for dinner. Also closed on Sundays.
  • food 4/5
  • service 4.5/5
  • ambiance 3/5


Al-bab at Michiru

If I have missed out on any other Korean restaurants that I need to try in Adelaide, please let me know in comments 🙂


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