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I’ve been using Foreo Luna mini 2 for past few months. I remember using this for the first time and being really impressed as it left my skin feeling deeply cleansed like never before! Prior to purchasing Foreo Luna, I did wonder whether I should purchase Clarisonic instead or not. After further research online, and getting some feedback from friends that are using Clarisonic I decided to give Foreo Luna a try, and I’m glad that I did.

What is Foreo Luna?

It is a portable cleansing device, which comes in couple of models with some variations in functions. It has one or two surfaces  covered with of small rounded silicon brushes for gentle exfoliation and cleansing. According to the company, the science behind Foreo Luna is the T-sonic pulsation, which allows ‘gentle’ and effective cleansing as opposed other device like Clarisonic which is based on much harsher mechanical abrasions on the skin.


There are several reasons why I chose Foreo Luna over Clarisonic.

  • Foreo Luna is better for a sensitive skin. Many of people I spoke to found that they can only tolerate Clarisonic only Luxe cashmere brush head as other brushes were too harsh for their skin. Even with the luxe brush some of them said they wouldn’t use it every day.
  • I like the fact that I can use Foreo everyday…and even twice daily! It does not irritate my skin at all with each use.
  • There is no ongoing expense with Foreo Luna, compared to Clarisonic where you are advised to change the brush head every couple of months at least.
  • I dropped luna mini 2 once in shower and it didn’t break. Made me think that if I chose Clarisonic that could have been the end of it.
  • The battery life is amazing. Since purchasing this in early January, I did not have to charge this device even once. 4 months and still going…
  • It is great for travelling!


Luna vs Luna mini 2 vs Luna mini – Which model would you get?

I’m really happy with Foreo Luna mini 2. I personally think it’s a perfect size and is probably little better than the full Luna in terms of getting into hard-to-reach spots. However, the full version of Foreo Luna has anti-aging properties in addition to the cleansing function, which sounds divine. I haven’t used the Luna’s anti-aging function myself for a long time so it would be very interesting to find out if anyone feels that it helps.

I’ve had a chance to use both older model of luna mini and the mini 2. Currently the older version is being sold for $30 AUD cheaper than the latest model. I would recommend buying the new model if you can because the mini 2 has adjustable intensities whereas the previous model did not. However, I feel that the older model also did a pretty impressive job in gentle yet effective cleansing.



I find that cleansers that are foamy (without microbeads or other particles) work well with Foreo luna devices, such as Origin’s Checks and Balances , Dior Foaming cleanser and Shiseido’s Perfect Whip.


In Australia, Foreo Luna is available from David Jones, Sephora Australia, ASOS and few other websites. However the best place to make purchase is their official website, as the prices are the lowest (Foreo Luna for $249 AUD, Foreo Luna mini 2 for $179 and older luna mini for $149), with their latest products available. Moreover, there is zero shipping fee!


I cannot imagine my cleansing regime without my Foreo luna! Do you use one of these brilliant cleansing devices?

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