My affair with facial mists


Face/hydrating mists are essential part of my skin care routine. I just love how it feels so refreshing, re-hydrating and soothing. Over the years I’ve witnessed that the facial mists had evolved from simple thermal/spring waters to toner mists and  essence/anti-aging sprays. I usually have couple of them handy at different spots, for various uses.


My current collection of facial mists (from left to right)

Avene Thermal Spring Water (AUD $26 for 300ml)

  • It’s a mineral water with calcium bicarbonate (absorbs oil, works as a mattifier) and magnesium along with other ‘trace elements’.
  • Supposed to soothe skin with its anti-irritation properties


Uriage Eau Thermale D’Uriage (AUD $19)

  • According to their website, this is made from 100% thermal water from French Alps. And claims that it has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Hypoallergenic.


La Roche-Posay Serozinc (AUD $24)

  • Composed of water, sodium chloride and zinc sulphate (as a topical agent in a very small dose, there is a lack of evidence on its effects on skin!).
  • Made to target oily, acne-prone & irritated skin.


Bali Rain mist

  • I remember purchasing this in Bali, for a cheap price.
  • The best thing about this mist is that it smells amazing! I often just use this as a bit of aromatherapy.


MAC Mineralize Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist  (AUD $32 )

  • It’s in a clear non-aerosol spray, perfect for traveling


Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist (AUD $85)

  • This mist is made up with Camellia (hydrating effect), Blue ginger PFA (antioxidant), vitamin C and E derivatives, and hyaluronic acid.


How to properly use face mists: I see lot of women using the face mist incorrectly, as I did for many years. The correct way of using face mists is to spray and then blot the face (either with clean hands/tissue/ or apply layer of cream on top) to prevent face becoming more dry!


What I recommend:

  • having both simple thermal water spray and face mist with essence/anti-aging properties.
  • I find simple spring water spray quite useful as they are versatile.
    • Before and after applying day/night creams
    • to spray to makeup sponge/brushes for application
    • for setting your makeup
    • to refresh skin on the go!
  • Between the ‘thermal spring water spray’ brands I have tried (Avene, La-Roche-Posay, Uriage, Evian) I feel that they are all very similar when it comes to its effects. I would recommend buying the one that you already know that won’t irritate your skin!
  • You can even DIY, by adding your favourite essential water to distilled water.
  • It’s great having a scented face mist, for aromatherapy as well. Jurlique has amazing range of mists with amazing scents, which i love.


Do you have a go-to face mist that you would recommend to a friend?

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