Ginza Miyako

I was really hoping that Ginza Miyako would be amazing. Located on the first floor of Stamford Hotel on North Terrace, it is a beautifully designed space on point with modern Japanese decorations.


We were craving for fresh sushi/ sashimi so we decided to try their chef’s special nigiri and an entree size tempura dish. The tempura consisted of fried prawn, eggplant, fish fillet, and pumpkin. The tempura was light and airy but just not crispy enough for me.

ginza miyako japanese adelaide

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Eros Kafe

Lately I’ve been really enjoying Greek food. I think it must be a combination of greens, seafood and their incredibly delicious cheeses that makes me get cravings for Greek food from time to time. My go-to place for Greek food in Adelaide would be The Greek on Halifax, but we decided to try Eros Kafe as […]

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Jamie’s Italian Adelaide

I’ve been to Jamie’s Italian Adelaide couple of times now.  Located in the corner of King William Road and North Terrace, it is a convenient location for a catch up after work. The interior of the venue is designed beautifully with high ceiling, marble walls, and art deco style chandeliers.   photo credit:

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By Blackbird

Good pastries and cakes make me instantly happy. By Blackbird is one of the places that comes to my mind when I have cravings for good desserts in Adelaide. It’s a cute little cafe on King William Road which is a great venue for catch ups over delicious desserts. Their pastries and (mini) cakes I’ve had […]

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Comida at Adelaide Central Market

  My husband and I have been shopping at Adelaide’s Central Market for years now. This place has all things that I love: the fresh seasonal produces, specialty shops, local flowers, delicious coffee, cheese and pastries, and good variety of restaurants and food stalls. It is also one of the lively, dynamic and peacefully-chaotic place in Adelaide […]

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