My fiddle leaf fig tree

In early 2014, I fell in love with a tree that I randomly came across on an interior blog . It had beautiful shades of greens on it’s luscious, sculptural large leaves. I knew I had to have one. It looked like the one in the picture below.


fiddle leaf fig tree
photo credit: studio mcgee
Photo credit: The Marion House Book


At the time, I struggled to find Fiddle leaf tree (also called ficus lyrata) in Adelaide. After calling multiple places I found out that The Conservatory Garden and Home had couple of them left in stock. I had to put my name down and went there the very next morning.

To my disappointment, there was no tall fiddle leaf fig trees available in Adelaide back then. The tallest one I could found was the one that was only about 40-50cm tall, with a hefty price tag of  $80. I guess even if they had a massive one that I wanted, it would have cost me more than $200.

I came home with this healthy looking (but small) tree.

fiddle leaf fig tree adelaide nomadic envy

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Pick your own figs in Adelaide Hills

  I remember when I first found out about pick-your-own fig orchard in Adelaide hills, I knew that I just had to be there. Ever since, beginning of each year, my husband and I have been to Glen Ewin Estate (or Wilabrand Fig Orchard) for a fun and relaxing day out picking (and eating lots of) […]

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