Nomadic Envy is…

A blog about food, travel and lifestyle blog where you will find trip itineraries, travel tips, reviews of restaurants and bars from all over the world.


Who are we?

I’m J. I was born in Korea but grew up in Canada. Due to my innate curiosity I always dreamt of travelling all over the world and I thought doing a post-graduate degree overseas was an excellent idea (and an excuse) to travel more. I ended up settling down in Australia few years ago as I met my husband in Adelaide.

I’m a lover of wine, photography, good food, gardening, and all things that are pretty.



My hubby

He is the best travel (and life) companion, private driver and a partner-in-crime I could’ve hoped for. He monitors this blog and sometimes contributes to its contents.

When we are not out eating/shopping/travelling we both work as medical doctors. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia and we take full advantage of excellent wine and food here.



We use Canon 700d, Gopro 4 silver, and our beloved Iphone 6s.


Contact us

Please contact us at hello @ nomadicenvy (dot) com